What kind greenhouse to choose?

What kind of greenhouse do I need?

Perspekta specializes in all types of greenhouses, namely, industrial glass greenhouses, plastic greenhouses for farmers and hobby greenhouses for private use.

  “What greenhouse do I choose?” is the first question we are asked when people decide to grow plants in a greenhouse. There are many options of the greenhouse types, so how to choose the right one?

If you also have this question, let us help you!

In order to make  the right choice, first you need to know your purpose. What do you need a greenhouse for, is it for private use or for business?

If you are considering options for business such as large industrial vegetable production, either a startup, or a medium or small enterprise.

For a startup farmer we would advise taking a closer look at standard foil greenhouse.

 If you consider the area for the greenhouse of 480 m2 or more, gothic greenhouse with single or double special plastic film is ideal solution for you.

We produce foil greenhouse for year-round production at minimum area of  480 m2 according to European standards. High-quality materials allow to keep the greenhouse how it is all winter without any need to roll up the film even if you don’t plan to grow and/or use any heating. That applies for free-standing block. In case of multispan, we recommend to use snow melting tubes for under the gutters to melt the snow down.

Greenhouse construction is made of hot-dip galvanized steel. Connections are made of a special material resistant to UV radiation and excessive humidity. Plastic film is a special greenhouse foil designed for many years of operation available in wide range of specialized agricultural and technical properties.

The minimum size of one greenhouse block is as follows: width 9.6m/12.8 m, length 50 m and more.

The design standard greenhouse available as free-standing or multispan, meaning, up to 10 hectares (25 acres) of the greenhouse can be under one roof.

The distance between the supporting posts will be at least 9.6 m, that allows the passage of any transport into the greenhouse.

Lighting system allows growing and harvesting crop year-round including wintertime. Construction of the greenhouse is calculated for the load of inside equipment such as heating pipes, irrigation and ventilation systems, as well as high wire system for the plants.

In case you plan to grow different types of crop, for example, flowers and vegetables, we would advise you to have several greenhouses blocks where each separate block would be used for the crop.

You can also could build one greenhouse complex with separate growing departments separated by partition walls.

If you consider investing in agriculture, namely in the turnkey greenhouse business, we would recommend taking closer look at glass greenhouses.

Industrial glass greenhouse is considered to be the most professional and worldwide used for year-round production of any crop.

Building of industrial greenhouse is a niche of a ​​business that requires specialized expertise. However, many years of experience allows us to develop a high-quality and best applicable greenhouse solution for any purpose. Perspekta provides complete the project advising and turnkey greenhouse supply of a greenhouse of 3000 m2 and more.

Company specializes on a glass greenhouse projects. Although if your specific area is suitable more for foil greenhouses, our specialists would take that into consideration and advise the project accordingly.

Glass greenhouse is the most professional and thus more expensive to invest in. For best ROI, we recommend minimum greenhouse area for growing vegetables of at least 3 hectares, and for lettuce – at least 1 hectare. Depending on the selected crops, a return on investment is possible from 3.5 years.

Please note, for quicker return on investment we always recommended focusing on one type of crop. If you plan to grow several crops, consider different blocks of standard foil greenhouse.

Are you considering greenhouse for your own needs? Here are few clues:

• For cultivation of the different crops for your  own needs you might be interested in Perspekta standard solution for farmers, a foil greenhouse of 480 sq.m. suitable for any region for summer and/or winter cultivation. Construction strength allows installing free-standing block of it in any region where snow loads does not exceed 40 kg/m2.

• Are you looking for a hobby greenhouse that you might use for growing or leisure? Or maybe for events? Glass hobby greenhouses is the right choice for you.

Perspekta offers premium class greenhouses made of high-quality materials designed for beauty and pleasure. Greenhouse area ranges from 3.8 m2 to 100 m2.

Here you can not only grow vegetables and flowers year-round but also spend time with joy and comfort.

Ask for your copy of the catalog and choose ideal hobby greenhouse for you!

Do you have a special request? If above information was not answering your questions and you do know what you are looking for, we will be happy to help you. Perspekta team has a great experience in specialized tailor-made projects. First step we would ask is what kind of greenhouse you might need, and we consider following:

- what is the purpose of the greenhouse;

- what is the area of the greenhouse;

- what are you planning to grow, and if you plan to grow there in general;

For any further questions please contact us, we will be happy to help you.

Best is to fill out our questionnaire indicating the basic data on the project. This will help us find the best solution for your needs!

Get a questionnaire by clicking CHOOSE GREENHOUSE (активная ссылка на соответствующий раздел в подвале)


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