Perspekta Group

Choosing the right cultivation method and equipment for your project is both an art and a science. It's not just about the contract. It's also about the proper selection of specialists, resources, and processes that are ideally tailored and adapted for the specific tasks of your project.

Perspekta represents an association of experts in the field of greenhouse farming. Our team, comprising top-tier designers, engineers, main contractors, and project managers, is equipped to undertake greenhouse projects of all sizes and complexities. Align yourself with the forefront of innovation in the greenhouse industry!


With our many years of experience in implementing latest technologies internationally, we are not just suppliers, but your partners in achieving agricultural success. ​

At Perspekta, we are passionately committed to the construction of greenhouses and achieving exceptional results for our clients. We take pride in being a reliable partner at every stage of greenhouse design and construction. Our "turnkey greenhouse" service covers every phase of greenhouse construction— from the initial idea and design to material supply, construction, and project management.


P erspekta


We provide our clients with the best solutions for growing any crop, anywhere in the world. Using both traditional and cutting-edge technologies, along with our expertise in project development and construction, we take pride in participating in innovative and complex projects, such as large-scale industrial greenhouses, rooftop greenhouses, and modern packaging solutions.

Invest in a successful horticultural business with Perspekta. When you partner with us, you're not just getting a service provider; you're gaining a strategic ally dedicated to your long-term success.


who we are

Your choice

You have a variety of options to choose from: industrial landscape greenhouse, farming plastic greenhouse or hobby greenhouse.

What ever yoou goal is, we can solve any greenhouse problem or advice the best solution for it.

Our mission

Our mission is to cultivate wellness with nourishing food by combining industry leading technologies and proven growing processes.

Perspekta team brings best the world has to offer in growing technologies to Ukraine in order to create a lasting positive legacy.

Our goal

​We responsibly transform how people grow crops and nourish their families.  Industry leading technologies reduce water waste, and eliminate pesticide use. Happiness begins with a healthy body. A healthy body begins with healthy food. Healthy food begins with Perspekta.


✔️ Development of greenhouse concepts and strategies

✔️ Feasibility study (ROI)

✔️ Design of greenhouse complexes

✔️ Turnkey greenhouse construction

✔️ Integration of greenhouse projects into existing infrastructure

✔️ Assessment of investments and analysis of project expenses

✔️ Guiding clients from preliminary consultation through to project completion

✔️ Undertaking intricate projects

✔️ Rooftop greenhouse development


We commit to making the best decision, both ethically and morally, even when nobody is watching

We act in our client’s best interest, meet their expectations, and create an experience they can’t get anywhere else.

We continuously improve everything we do. In our team we support each other, and embrace the entrepreneurial spirit. We listen to our clients' to meet their expecations and wishes



Experience of decades we apply be the highest value provider of greenhouse services and technical expertise. 


We apply latest innovation for you to harvest the maximum yield in the shortest possible time.


We keep an eye on the innovations introduced to the world and do the sorting work for you. We offer the best quality available on the market.


Individual approach ensures success of your project. We do not just develop a project, with think and walk though each step together with you.


We make turnkey project: save time, money and be sure of the result, guided by the principle of "one stop shop".